Scrubber Dryer Parts & Repairs

We provide a full maintenance service designed to keep your scrubber dryer efficient, so you can avoid costly replacement fees. Our team can provide breakdown servicing, scheduled servicing and general maintenance, wherever you in the UK. We can address all issues, whether you need help with blockages, brush repairs, or a part replacing. If you would like to arrange a service for your scrubber dryer, contact Clean Sweep Hire on 0844 967 1930.


We can offer guidance on any area of maintenance or repair for any brand of scrubber dryer. Scrubber Dryer Maintenance Service Scrubber dryer maintenance is important for ensuring your product is works safely and effectively. At Clean Sweep, our maintenance service covers everything, so our customers can always achieve professional results.


  • Brush Repairs: Frequent use can lead scrubber dryer brushes to become worn and broken. We can fit replacement brushes and offer guidance on cleaning and maintenance.
  • Replacement of Parts: Our team can fit and repair broken parts to keep your scrubber dryer performing successfully.
  • Scrubber Dryer Cleaning: Revive your scrubber dryer with our cleaning service, which tackles awkward blockages.
  • Scrubber Dryer Servicing: We can offer a general servicing service for customers that have any other concerns about their scrubber dryer.