Escalator Parts & Repairs

Clean Sweep UK

Clean Sweep UK offers a maintenance and repair service for a wide range of. Our experienced team will ensure that your product is left working to its full potential, so you can guarantee professional results. We can provide both Scheduled Servicing and Breakdown Servicing for your escalator cleaner, wherever you are in the UK. Clean Sweep UK specialise in a range of issues, including brush repairs, broken parts and general maintenance work.



Costly replacements can easily be avoided with regular health checks for your escalator cleaner. At Clean Sweep UK, we use our specialist knowledge to target every issue and keep your product performing at its best. Our services include:

  • Replacement of Parts: Clean Sweep UK can identify broken parts in the motor of your escalator cleaner to ensure it stays reliable and effective.
  • Brush Repairs: The twin brushes on escalator cleaners can become broken or blocked. Clean Sweep UK can clean or replace these brushes, so your product continues to be efficient.
  • Escalator Cleaner Health Check: We offer a general maintenance service for escalator cleaners to check any areas in need of repair.


Contact Clean Sweep UK

If you would like more advice on any area of escalator cleaner maintenance, contact the team at Clean Sweep UK. Our services are available to the whole of the UK and we can provide further guidance on Scheduled Servicing, Breakdown Servicing and pricing. You can call us on 0844 967 1930 to arrange your appointment.