Vacuum Cleaner Hire

Hire our range of Kärcher workplace vacuum cleaners on a short or long term hire basis. We rent out all types, including backpack vacuum cleaners, business vacuum cleaners and hazardous dust vacuum cleaners.

High suction power for all your business cleaning requirements. Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners pick up everything from liquids in restaurants to combustible dusts in the manufacturing industry.

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How to choose the best industrial vacuum cleaner for your business.

Commercial vacuum cleaning jobs are generally much more demanding than domestic cleaning, therefore industrial vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured to meet specific needs of commercial businesses and particular tasks that are generally too heavy for domestic vacuums to handle.

The main differences between industrial vacuum cleaners and household models are their efficiency and sturdiness. Kärcher professional workplace vacuum cleaners are particularly well known for their reliability and performance. Kärcher are world leaders in industrial cleaning equipment.

Kärcher professional vacuum cleaners can provide:

  • Competition-busting performance;
  • Reliability, designed for use hour after hour and day after day;
  • Available for short or long term hire from Clean Sweep Hire (part of the Kärcher Group), reducing capital outlay and maintenance costs;
  • Maximum cleaning efficiency;
  • Safety, even in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones).


When renting an industrial vacuum cleaner it’s essential to carefully evaluate the type of job you need it to do, to ensure you get the correct machine.

Before you call our expert Hire Team with your requirements, please consider:

1. Do I need to vacuum thin and /or dangerous powders and work with other tools at the same time?
2. Do I need to vacuum hot residues / ashes?
3. Do we need to use a vacuum cleaner within hygiene sensitive environments and/or clean rooms?
4. Do I need to vacuum-up large quantities of liquids?
5. What volume of liquid or dry debris will I be clearing
6. What size area will I be cleaning?