Steam Cleaner Hire

One of our most popular professional cleaning tools is the trusty steam cleaner. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, supermarket or gym, steam cleaners can work wonders when removing dirt and sanitising surfaces. They’re perfect for tackling difficult-to-reach areas that are often neglected, and they’re particularly valuable for businesses required to maintain exceptional hygiene standards.

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Clean Sweep Hire provides Steam Cleaners for hire that use high temperature steam to penetrate deep into surfaces. Steam Cleaners can sanitise and kill bacteria in a wide variety of commercial environments.

With the help of our steam cleaner hire service you can revolutionise your business cleaning procedures and and embrace the perks of professional cleaning equipment without the headaches associated with paying for the equipment in full.

Versatile cleaning tools

Our high quality steam cleaners  will kill bacteria and sanitise surfaces in a wide selection of commercial premises in record-breaking time and to an exceptionally high standard.

Steam cleaners are a popular choice amongst businesses looking for a versatile piece of equipment because they can be used in a variety of environments.

Affordable professional cleaning

Purchasing professional cleaning tools can be expensive business. With the best machines often costing thousands of pounds, it can be difficult to find room in your budget to pay for industrial cleaning equipment. This is why we offer a reliable, affordable and personalised steam cleaner hire service. We’ll give you access to the steam cleaner you need without charging you for the full cost of the machine. Simply hire a steam cleaner for as long as you need it and give us a call when you’re done.

Ongoing advice, training and support

Whether you need help choosing the best industrial cleaning tools for your business or you’d like advice on how to keep your business premises looking their best, we’re on hand to offer ongoing advice and support. We’ve learned everything there is to know about health & safety and we’ve spent years designing and developing our steam cleaners to ensure they help our clients keep their workplaces clean, impress customers and abide by legal requirements.

We also offer a full training service to ensure your team can use your chosen machine effectively and efficiently. We’ll go the extra mile to give you peace of mind and guarantee you’re getting the most out of your hire.

Looking for cleaning equipment that saves time and money while achieving exceptional results? Get in touch with our team to find out how a steam cleaner can transform your business.