Mini Road Sweeper Hire

Kärcher’s Mini Road Sweepers are the latest in efficient road cleaning technology, providing professional continuous use on large cars parks, wide pathways, driveways, shopping complexes, exhibition grounds and industrial areas. Clean Sweep Hire can deliver a Road Sweeper to your business in 24 hours including full training and servicing.

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Road Sweeper Hire

Much like the smaller walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers, larger road sweepers are an integral part of your organisation’s cleaning requirements. By providing year-round cleaning to large scale areas, our range of road sweepers have been recognised for their illustrious low running costs, powerful performance and manoeuvrability.

The MC50 Karcher road sweeper is our flagship model, to which its technological advancements in comparison to its competitors and ease of use is suitable for cleaning in all seasons and environments. This particular road sweeper is also renowned for its versatility as the machine can easily be converted into a lawn mower during summer and a snow plough and during for winter.

Our range of road sweepers that are available to hire for both short and long term periods are suitable to meet the everyday cleaning demands of large scale businesses, local governments and councils.

For more information about hiring a mini-road sweeper with Clean Sweep UK, contact our head office or call us on 0844 967 1930.

Clean Sweep UK provide servicing, repairs and parts for your hired Mini Road Sweeper.