Cleaning Asphalt Flooring

Cleansweep provides you with detailed information on how to clean your asphalt flooring

Asphalt is a flexible flooring option and is used in a variety of situations from roads and car parks to playgrounds and tennis courts. Asphalt is an extremely resistant surface and has the ability to endure high levels of stress and pressure without cracking.

How Asphalt can be used:

  • Transportation – roads, railways, airport runways
  • Recreation – running tracks, tennis courts, playgrounds
  • Industrial – work sites, ports
  • Building Construction – flooring


Although Asphalt is highly versatile, it can also stain quite easily. Over time, general usage can begin to cause signs of wear and tear, while more noticeable stains can be caused by decaying leaves and oil leaks and spills.

Here at Clean Sweep, we can provide all the equipment you need to keep your Asphalt surfaces looking fresh and clean.

We have a wide variety of sweepers for cleaning asphalt and other surfaces. These flexible machines are designed to clean an assortment of surfaces in a matter of minutes, saving your business time and money.

Our Karcher MC50 is one such option designed for cleaning large areas of Asphalt with as little effort as possible. There’s also the B300 Combination Dryer which will sweep, scrub and dry your surfaces in no time at all.

Thanks to our trusted and reliable cleaning equipment hire service, there’s no need to pay for professional cleaning tools in full. Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll deliver the tools you need within 24 hours. We can also supply you with a full on-site training service to ensure your team is able to use the equipment to its full potential.
Whether you want to keep the equipment for a week or several months, simply give us a call when you’re finished and we’ll send a member of our team to collect the machine from you.