How to Clean Your Wooden Flooring

Our guide to the most effective cleaning machines for your commercial wooden flooring.

Wood is a popular material which is often used as a floor covering in Commercial areas such as retail, offices and hotels. Wooden floors need careful cleaning and maintenance to keep them in tip top condition.

When cleaning Wooden floors use as little water as possible and avoid soaking, as it can make the wood look unattractive.

Before beginning the cleaning or polishing it is very important to remove the floors of any dust or dirt as it can act as an abrasive. Use a high performance vacuum such as a Karcher T10/1 Vacuum .

Whether regular or basic cleaning you can use the ‘one step’ method using a Scrubber Dryer such as the Karcher B40 Scrubber Dryer. Depending on the type of wood and its hardness it is advisable to equip the Scrubber Dryer with Red Standard Brushes or Green Roller pads or soft, White polishing brushes or pads. You will find it beneficial to work in the direction of the wood grain.

For basic cleaning, you can use the less strong alkaline Karcher RM750 Cleaner in a dosage of 3-5% which is recommended.

The soiled surface must be gone over quickly with the addition of a small amount of cleaning agent. A few seconds after applying the cleaning fluid, the vacuum duct safely picks up the used detergent solution. This prevents the wood from becoming too moist.

If necessary, the surface can be gone over again.

After the basic cleaning, the covering is to be rinsed with clear water. For oiled floors, the wood is then oiled to the floor layer’s instructions. After drying, the surface can be polished with the Karcher B40 Scrubber Dryer and Horse Hair Brush until a semi matt gloss is achieved.


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