Cleaning Advice

Clean Sweep offers you advice on cleaning

With years of expertise under our belts we want to be able to give you some advice on how best to keep your office or commercial area clean and tidy. This page will provide you with this information to ensure you adhere to heath and safety laws, use the correct cleaning equipment and anything else cleaning related.

Floor Types

‘Cleaning is the removal of all unwanted foreign substances on a surface’ Cleaning is an essential day to day part of life, and it is key that you do not damage the surface you are clearing. Therefore using the correct machine is crucial.

Different floor surface types require different industrial cleaning equipment in order to ensure a quick, effective and thorough cleaning. Call Clean Sweep UK UK on 0844 967 1930 for free advice on hiring the right type of cleaning equipment for your floor surfaces.

At Clean Sweep UK we have many years experience of supplying industrial cleaning equipment for hire in the UK such as scrubber dryers, sweepers, and industrial vacuum cleaners suitable for cleaning all types of floor surface.

We understand that sometimes you may need help and advice on what type of industrial cleaning equipment is best suited for your needs.