Charity Work

Clean Sweep UK is very passionate about getting involved within our local communities & helping good causes.

Our Charity Work:

SPIRIT (Guide Dogs)

If you have read our blog, you may already know that we sponsor Dasher and Lexi, two guide dogs for the RNIB.  We would now like to introduce you to Spirit! Having recently received his latest update from his puppy walker, find out more about Spirit below.

A confident puppy, Spirit has taken numerous puppy classes over the last year to ensure he knows basic commands including ‘sit’ and ‘wait’.  Having mastered these skills, his puppy walker, Jacki, informs us that his focus continues to improve and he now recognises that when he is wearing his training coat, it is time to work!  In addition, Spirit is now able to find buttons inside lifts and at pedestrian crossings. This will, of course, ensure that he makes a fine guide dog after finishing his training. In her latest update, Jacki has informed us that she thinks Spirit would match perfectly with someone who loves adventure and cuddles as much as he does. 

A playful pup, Spirit is soon to go to Guide Dogs Training School, where he will learn all of the necessary skills to ensure he makes a suitable guide dog in the near future.  With regular updates, follow Spirits story with us here. 

Here at Clean Sweep Hire, we cannot wait to hear more about Spirits journey as a guide dog.



We are proud to have sponsored Dasher, a guide dog currently taking his first steps in becoming a fully trained guide dog. With one person in the UK going blind every hour these dogs are important as they provide a world in which all blind and partially sighted people can enjoy the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities as everyone else. We look forward to watching Dashers progress and hope that one day he can change someones life for the better.



we recently caught up with up with our adorable Dasher and his puppy walker, Denise, to see how they’ve been getting on. Denise said ‘Dasher is doing brilliantly well in his puppy training classes, as he’s starting to become more confident and better at avoiding distractions. He also loves sitting in my office and watching the world go by.’

Denise and Dasher have been practicing using public transport for the very first time, although Denise did say that on the very early occasions ‘Dasher was more interested in sniffing and eating things off the floor.’ However, he is now behaving impeccably!

Denise continued by saving ‘Dasher will make a lovely guide dog, he’s so enthusiastic and full of energy, Dasher is always raring to go.’



Dasher has now progressed onto advanced training and moved to our Euston mobility team. We caught up with Dasher and his Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Kristy, to see how they have been getting on with this exciting new phase of training.

Dasher has been under Kristy’s care for seven weeks when we spoke, and the two are getting on really well. Kristy told us, “He is so easy to fall in love with! He has tonnes of personality and was quite cheeky to start with. He came to stay at my home for the first week together so we could really bond and he went around the house picking everything up; shoes, tissue boxes, anything!” said Kristy. “He responds really well to boundaries though so settled down just fine.” When Dasher doesn’t stay with Kristy, he spends evenings and weekends with his volunteer boarder who is a vet, so he is in great hands!

We’re so pleased to hear how well this loveable puppy is progressing. We cannot wait to see Dasher with his new owner for his final Pupdate in October.



We want to welcome Lexi to our now growing sponsored guide dog family, she has recently been homed with the experienced Barbara to give Lexi the best training possible to provide aid for the blind.


We recently went to see how lovely Lexi’s settling into her new home in Hertfordshire with her puppy walker Barbara.

Lexi is Barbara’s fifteenth guide dog puppy so Lexi is in excellent hands, and Barbara is already delighted with her progress “She is a very bright pup and she is always one step ahead of you!” laughed Barbara. Lexi has already mastered basic obedience skills such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘wait’.

We are so proud of Lexi and how far she has come. We cant wait to update you on her progress soon!