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Clean Sweep UK

With almost everything you can imagine requiring a clean, our dedicated demonstrators and engineers travel the country to some of the most interesting and high-profile customers and sites you can think of! From Royal Ascot to World Athletic Championships, in this blog we capture the moments our equipment has been delivered and used in some of the most iconic areas in the UK. Our machines have even made it on TV!

July 24, 2018

Which Scrubber Dryer for Large Shopping Centres?

Hiring the Karcher B300 RI is a winning combination for Liverpool One. Clean Sweep UK explain how the unique B300 RI Scrubber Sweeper Combination Machine is the efficient way of cleaning large areas. ¬† When it comes to cleaning, the quicker, safer and more cost-effective, the better. ¬†However, until recently, you had to make a […]