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  • Thank your cleaner day 2021
    18/10/21 Advice

    Thank Your Cleaner Day 2021

  • Deep cleaning a school floor with a scrubber dryer
    10/05/21 Advice

    How Schools & Daycare Centres Can Have the Highest Hygiene Levels

  • Puzzi 10/2 cleaning a hotel carpet
    05/04/21 Advice

    How to Use the PDIR Process for Essential Cleaning

  • 05/04/21 Advice

    How to Clean Walls, Tiles & Machines in a Commercial Kitchen

  • 22/01/21 Advice

    Industrial Carpet Cleaner Hire Guide

  • B-150-R-scrubber-airport-floor-Square
    07/12/20 Advice

    Scrubber Dryer Hire Guide

  • Scrubber dryer cleaning a sports stadium
    01/10/20 Advice

    Cleaning Sports Stadiums / Football Stadiums

  • industrial vacuum cleaner clearing hazardous dust
    24/09/20 Advice

    Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Hire Guide

  • Filling a scrubber dryer with detergent and water
    07/07/20 Advice

    Which Detergent for a Scrubber Dryer?

  • Clean Sweep van at the Porsche Experience Centre
    01/07/20 Hires

    Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone

  • woman coughing
    11/06/20 Advice

    Cleaning to Reduce Winter Flu Infections in the Workplace

  • Deep cleaning a school floor with a scrubber dryer
    04/06/20 Advice

    The Importance of Deep Cleaning in Schools

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