Portland Marina Hire the MIC 42 Road Sweeper

Clean Sweep UK
October 17, 2019

Clean Sweep Hire recently said goodbye to Summer, ending on a high with a one-week hire of our MIC 42 Road Sweeper.

Hired for a one-week period by the new Portland Marina, the Road Sweeper was on hand to ensure that the boatyard was left spotless for visitors from across the South of England.

Boasting an impressive landscape featuring lighthouses and beaches, as a public space that hosts numerous events that attract many visitors throughout the year, it is imperative that the Marina ensures it looks its best and is litter free at all times.  In addition, the cleanliness of the public space is crucial to prevent any accidents that could occur. With the ability to effectively sweep wide pathways, driveways and public spaces, the MIC 42 Road Sweeper was the ideal choice for the Marina. From sweeping pathways to ensuring that the boatyard was left sparkling, there was no space left untouched.

In addition to its multi-purpose features, there are various benefits of hiring the MIC 42 Road Sweeper.  These include, but are not limited to; 

  • Low fuel consumption 
  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to its compact design
  • Interchangeable features making it suitable for a wealth of surfaces including roads and pavements
  • Easy emptying of the waste container 

With the Summer season already somewhat in the past, find out how you can benefit from the use of a MIC 42 Road Sweeper throughout Autumn and Winter here.

Alternatively, contact our hire desk by email or phone today to uncover how your business could benefit from the our selection of road sweepers.