Humber Bridge Underground Tunnel Demonstration.

Clean Sweep UK
July 30, 2019

On Thursday 25th July 2019, National Account Manager, Jack Burke conducted a demonstration for Humber Bridge Underground Tunnel.

Currently under construction, the Humber Bridge Underground Tunnel will provide “one-fifth of the UK’s gas supply to homes across the country” according to National Grid (add a link to BBC report).  A 160-metre-long machine, the tunnel will reside 35 metres underground and has a width of 4 metres.  Understanding that cleaning the tunnel would require a specialist piece of industrial cleaning equipment, Clean Sweep Hire was approached.

A unique cleaning problem requires a unique cleaning solution and Clean Sweep Hire’s National Account Manager, Jack Burke, was on hand to provide a solution; the MIC 34 Road Sweeper.

A compact, all-year-round machine, the MIC 34 is highly manoeuvrable and suitable for a multitude of surfaces.  Speaking on his decision to propose the MIC 34 Road Sweeper as a fitting product, Jack Burke states “the restrictions in the tunnel such as the width, height and curve made the MIC 34 the ideal solution. Featuring a pressure washer, the MIC 34 will not only provide the ability to sweep the inside of the tunnel, but it will guarantee that all debris is brought to the base before being swept”.

While the curve of the tunnel may present as a problem to many, here at Clean Sweep Hire we were optimistic to demonstrate that the MIC 34 was the ideal cleaning choice.  From its narrow wheelbase ensuring that it can drive in and through the tunnel without being tipped over or losing balance, to features including the pressure washer, the MIC 34 was believed to be more than capable to attend to all cleaning needs.

Having proposed a solution, Jack and the team at Clean Sweep were keen to provide a demonstration of the MIC 34 Road Sweeper.  Not only did the demonstration enable Clean Sweep Hire to showcase the features of the machine and display how the properties of the road sweeper compliment the task at hand, but it offered reassurance that it could get the job done.

Here at Clean Sweep Hire, we are on hand to find a solution to all of your cleaning needs with our ‘find a solution’ service. If you require the assistance of industrial cleaning equipment, contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange a demonstration.