How to Clean a Tennis Court

When you watch the Australian Open, Miami Open, French Open and the Queen’s Club tournament or Wimbledon you will notice they all look very clean.  However, there is effort and technology behind this level of clean.

Here at Clean Sweep Hire we understand the importance of ensuring tennis courts are kept in top condition.  We can help you keep your tennis court clean by hiring you Kärcher cleaning machines, which are as you will know are a well respected and trusted brand.

Do I Need to Clean a Tennis Court?

Proper cleaning of your tennis courts can remove such issues from surfaces such as:

  • Surface moss which can be slippery
  • Dirt
  • Algae


By using a professional cleaning machine such as those offered by Clean Sweep Hire you will no doubt improve the appearance of the court, but you will most importantly make an improvement to the playing service meaning:


  • Greater grip underfoot.
  • Fewer slip incidents meaning less injuries.
  • Better conditions for playing.
  • Improved life span of the surface.


Regardless of whether you need to clean a clay, hard or grass tennis court, here at Clean Sweep Hire we can cater for all your needs.

To help you we have put together our top three machines for cleaning tennis courts below.

Ideal for Clay, Grass and Hard Tennis Courts: Kärcher KM 75/40 W Walk Behind Sweeper

Suitable for cleaning small to medium sized tennis courts and other areas, the Kärcher KM 75/40 W Walk Behind Sweeper is ideal for cleaning a variety of floor types both indoors and outdoors.

Easy to maintain, the walk behind sweeper features a roller brush, which is easy to remove without the need for tools.  In addition, the waste container features ergonomic, recessed grips that ensure the waste removal process is easy, quick and simple.

From tarmac to pavement and concrete, the versatile and user-friendly walk behind sweeper is ideal for clay, grass and hard tennis courts.

Find out more about the Kärcher KM 75/40 W Walk Behind Sweeper here.

Ideal for Clay and Hard Tennis Courts: Kärcher HDS 17/20 DE TR1 Trailer Pressure Washer

On hand to remove dirt from tough environments including clay and pavement, the Kärcher HDS 17/20 DE TR1 Trailer Pressure Washer is powered by a high-performance diesel engine that produces a maximum of 200 bar pressure.

Removing the need for mains water and electricity, the trailer pressure washer is equipped with a 500-litre water tank for independent use.  This means that tennis courts can be continuously cleaned without the need to stop and refill the water tank after a short period of time.

Ideal for clay and hard tennis courts, the power jet washer is highly efficient and easy to operate.

Find out more about the Kärcher HDS 17/20 DE TR1 Trailer Pressure Washer.

Ideal for Clay and Hard Tennis Courts: Kärcher KM 100/100 R BP LM Battery Sweeper

Power and highly manoeuvrable, the KM 100/100 Ride on Sweeper is ideal for sweeping medium to large size areas.

Boasting a range of convenient features that ensure the machine is easy to operate, the ride on sweeper makes a suitable cleaning tool for both indoor and outdoor areas, especially clay and hard tennis courts.

Find out more about the Kärcher KM 100/100 R BP LM Battery Sweeper here.

Cleaning Areas Surrounding the Tennis Courts

The machines above can also be used on the areas surrounding the tennis court.  This not only makes the area more visually pleasing but for a more engaging and pleasurable experience for the players.


Considerations for the Owner


By performing periodic maintenance on the tennis court, you will avoid larger issues in the long term. Also, a well looked after court will continue to maintain its status as a valued asset and superb exercise facility.

How Can Clean Sweep Help?

Whether you find yourself in need of industrial cleaning equipment for clay, hard or grass tennis courts, Clean Sweep Hire can cater to your needs.
If you are looking for industrial machinery that can cater to large spaces, look no further.

Our short-term and contract hire options:

  • Make employing cleaning equipment affordable
  • We offer:
    • Full on-site training
    • Technical support
    • Servicing
    • Next day delivery.

To find out more about our hire services, visit our industrial cleaning equipment hire section. Alternatively, contact a member of our friendly expert team today who will be able to offer equipment advice based on your specific needs.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer the following to all our valued customers:

– Next Day Delivery anywhere in the UK (subject to location & availability)
– Free site visits and advice, ensuring you hire the right machine for the application
– Flexible hire periods, from 2 days to 5 years
– Maintenance included as standard
– Full training on delivery of your equipment
– Quality, modern fleet, maintained to ISO9001:2008 standards
– Breakdown response

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