Managing Groundwater, Flooding and Excess Rainwater on Construction Sites

Clean Sweep UK
March 19, 2019

During building projects excess rainwater or groundwater can cause flooding on the building site, which can be an issue for health and safety on site. Materials, services and structure can all be damaged by excess water and mud deposits within the building, plus there is the possibility that waste water drainage is present in the floodwater, causing contamination on site.

Clean Sweep Hire’s range of scrubber dryers can be used to clear excess water from construction sites and we believe this beats hand sweeping or pumping water as an approach to water removal. The scrubber dryer’s powerful engines suck the water up into waste tanks which can then be removed and emptied away from the building.

Our recommended industrial cleaning machine for the job of clearing water from construction sites is the Kärcher B300 Combination Ride-On Sweeper & Scrubber Dryer.

Health and safety concerns created by flooding and water on a construction site is the responsibility of building and construction firms. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Environment Agency guidance in relation to flooding cover both preparation and recovery, the Environment Agency providing guidance on flood risk and the HSE on both risk and safety during flood cleanup.

The HSE guidance regarding water on construction sites states that for safety reasons sites must be kept clear and tidy, structures should be safely supported and if any trenches are in place they must not be allowed to collapse. When it comes to water, precautions could include ensuring there is adequate drainage when necessary, checking water is not allowed to build up into large puddles and keeping walkways and exits clears and accessible. Emergency evacuation procedures should be in place so that personnel can safely leave site in case of an incident and site staff should be thoroughly trained in safety procedures. Safety precautions and training are the responsibility of the site’s managing company.

Bear in mind that equipment that has been contaminated by dirty water should be thoroughly cleaned. Contaminated machinery can be safely cleaned with pressure washers, ensuring minimal human contact with the contaminated machinery. Clean Sweep Hire also have a range of industrial pressure washers for hire, perfectly suited to use on construction sites.