Pressure Washers as Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Clean Sweep UK
February 26, 2019

Pressure Washers for Factories, Warehouses and other Commercial Premises


karcher 5-11-U Pressure Washer in situ

With their powerful pressure-led cleaning capabilities, pressure washers are most suitable for bigger cleaning jobs, such as cleaning large surface areas in factories, offices and other facilities. Pressure washers are also ideal for large areas open to the public that experience heavy foot traffic. They can clean a wide floor space quickly and efficiently, leaving previously dirty floors spotless in record time. Our specialist commercial pressure washers can be run from a water bowser, powered by diesel and battery as well as mains, offer both hot and cold water and are generally suitable for large warehouses and factories, particularly those employing belt conveyors. For cleaning these kinds of environments, pressure washers are typically a better option than steam cleaners.

Pressure washers are also better than steam cleaners for cleaning porous materials such as brick, concrete and marble. To clean such surfaces effectively, you need a powerful jet of water to shift tough stains and impacted dirt. Many homeowners purchase pressure washers to deep-clean brick or cement patio floors that are walked on regularly and exposed to the elements at all times. Cement floor garages are another area where pressure washers come into their own, offering a robust cleaning tool to remove even oil and grease stains.

Pressure washers and steam cleaners are complementary tools for different types of cleaning so use one or the other depending on the job at hand. These powerful and reliable machines will handle the toughest cleaning tasks, leaving your surfaces pristine and unharmed every time.

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