How To Give Your Office Chairs A Thorough Clean

Clean Sweep UK
April 17, 2018

Keeping the chairs in your office clean can certainly be a challenge, particularly in a busy workplace environment. No matter how careful your staff are, you can guarantee that coffee will be spilled, biscuit crumbs will fall down the sides of the cushions and someone’s damp umbrella will leave a lingering unpleasant smell.

Thankfully, there are professional tools available to help you remove pesky stains and restore your furniture to its original condition.


Remove crumbs and debris with a professional vacuum cleaner

Here at Clean Sweep we have a number of professional vacuum cleaners with the ability to give sofas a vigorous clean without damaging the fabric. With the right tools, you can remove crumbs and debris and leave your chairs looking its best.


Sanitise surfaces with a steam cleaner

Thanks to specialist upholstery attachments, you can use a steam cleaner to thoroughly clean your office chairs chairs without damaging it.

Follow the instructions carefully because there’s likely to be specific guidelines explaining how much water and detergent to put into your machine. Failure to follow this information could damage both your office chairs and steam cleaner.

A Karcher Steam Cleaner kills 99.99% of bacteria, meaning it’s an excellent tool for businesses wishing to improve hygiene standards and abide by government legislation.


If you’d like to learn about Clean Sweep’s professional cleaning equipment hire service, please get in touch with our team. Whether you’d like to hire a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner, we offer both short term and long term hire periods designed to suit just about any business. Our service is fast, reliable and flexible, allowing you to introduce the tools you need into your company without burning a hole in your budget.