How Our Scrubber Dryers Can Help With Your Spring Clean

Clean Sweep UK
March 26, 2018

Spring is finally here, making this an ideal time to give your business a good overhaul. Before you reach for the mop and bucket, here are just a few ways our scrubber dryers can help you spring clean your premises with minimum fuss.


Prevent slips and trips

Using a traditional mop and bucket may seem like a quick, easy and cheap way of cleaning your company’s floors, but dousing the floor in water before trying to mop this up manually can increase the risk of accidents. By drying it immediately after cleaning, not only can you leave your business looking professional, you can keep employees and customers safe.


Save time

Manual floor cleaning can certainly be time consuming to say the least. By switching to a professional cleaning machine like a scrubber dryer, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your floors. This time can then be spent on other tasks and productivity can be improved.


Improve hygiene levels

Mopping your company’s floors may make your business look clean, but how hygienic is it really? Even if your floor glistens, there’s a chance it could still be covered in germs. After all, when you plunge a mop into a bucket of water and smear it all over the floor, more often than not you’re just spreading dirt from one area to another. A scrubber dryer, however, will use fresh water to ensure your floors are as clean as possible.


To learn more about our scrubber dryers, please get in touch with the team at Clean Sweep. We offer a reliable and cost effective hire service designed to give you access to the industrial cleaning tools you need without a hefty price tag.