Detergents Help You Make The Most Of Scrubber Dryers

Clean Sweep UK
January 12, 2018

We’re proud of the excellent results that our industrial cleaning tools help our clients achieve. From pressure washers that help to sanitise surfaces in restaurants to scrubber dryers keeping warehouses floors clean, our professional cleaning machines have been saving businesses time and money for years.


However, in order to get the very best results, our machines need to be complemented with the right cleaning consumables. Take our scrubber dryers for example, unless you pair them with professional Karcher cleaning products, your machine isn’t going to reach its full potential.


That’s why we’ve started a new blog series where we take each professional cleaning tool and explain which products are best suited to them. We’ve already looked at the BR 35/12 C BP Scrubber Dryer and the Karcher B40 Scrubber Dryer, today let’s look at the Karcher B 300 RI Combination Ride-On Sweeper & Scrubber Dryer.


RM 69

This powerful basic cleaner is specially formulated to tackle heavily soiled industrial floors. It’s perfect if you’re looking to dissolve heavy oil, grease and mineral stains.


RM 750

The RM 750 is an intensive basic cleaner for use with high-pressure cleaning tools such as the B 300 RI. It’s sure to do a thorough job, cleaning heavily soiled industrial floor coverings.


RM 752

The RM 752 will use its power to strip glossy, waxy and polymer coatings. Team it with the B 300 RI and your industrial floors will be glistening in no time at all.


RM 753

If you’re wondering how to tackle heavily soiled fine stone tiles, this powerful basic cleaner will dissolve oil, grease and mineral stains.


RM 756

The RM 756 is an ideal cleaner for everyday use on water-resistant hard floors. You’ll be particularly impressed by its ability to remove dirt and stains from resilient flooring that usually resists traditional cleaners.


RM 776

The RM 776 cleaner should be applied directly to the floor before using the B 300 RI Ride On Sweeper & Dryer over it. It’ll allow you to remove tyre and abrasion marks with ease.


RM 780

This powerful cleaning and care agent is designed for maintenance cleaning of water-resistant floors and coverings. If you’re looking for a cleaning product for a gym or multi-purpose hall, this will complement your B 300 RI perfectly.