The Perfect Cleaning Consumables For The B40 Scrubber Dryer

Clean Sweep UK
December 15, 2017

Have you decided to hire a scrubber dryer to improve cleanliness across your business? To get the most out of your new asset, it’s wise to pair it with a cleaning consumable designed to achieve the best results.


Today let’s look at the Karcher B40 scrubber dryer and identify the consumables that perfectly complement this game-changing tool.

RM 69

This powerful cleaner is ideal for heavily soiled floors, particularly those in industrial premises. It’s designed to dissolve heavy oil, grease and mineral stains.

RM 746

Karcher understands how frustrating it can be to clean water resistant flooring, which is why the team created the RM 746 consumable. This fantastic cleaner is designed for hard and elastic floors that are resistant to water.

RM 750

This intensive basic cleaner is best used when applied to a surface using a high pressure cleaning tool. It will help to clean heavily soiled floor coverings in industrial businesses.

RM 752

If you’re looking for a powerful stripper to remove glossy, waxy or polymer coatings, the RM 752 may be the perfect consumable to complement your machine. Like many Karcher products, it’s best used on industrial floors.

RM 753

The RM 753 is a strong cleaning aid for fine stone tiles that are covered in dirt that traditional cleaning tools can’t tackle. It’s designed to dissolve oil, grease and mineral stains.

RM 756

This everyday cleaner has been created for all water-resistant surfaces. It will perfectly complement the B40, banishing dirt in record-speed.

RM 776

Unlike many of Karcher’s other cleaning consumables, the RM 776 is to be applied directly to the floor. You can then use a professional cleaning tool to remove tyre and abrasion marks.

RM 780

The RM 780 is a powerful cleaning and care agent designed for maintenance cleaning of all water-resistant floors and coverings. It’s particularly ideal for cleaning gyms and multi-purpose halls.