How To Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Clean Sweep UK
October 11, 2017

In 2015/16, an estimated 621,000 UK workers experienced a non-fatal injury in work. Of these, 200,000 led to over 3 days absence and 152,000 led to over 7 days of absence.
19% of all non-fatal workplace injuries involved slips, trips and falls, making this the second most common type of accident, beaten only by lifting and carrying injuries (20%).

Accidents do happen from time to time but many slips, trips and falls are completely preventable. By going the extra mile to keep employees safe from harm, employers can boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and minimise costs associated with accidents in the workplace. Here’s our guide to minimising the likelihood of slips, trips and falls in your workplace.


Adopt a thorough cleaning schedule

If you don’t already have a thorough cleaning schedule in place, introducing one should be a top priority. Arrange for a member of cleaning staff to give floors and surfaces a clean on a regular basis and introduce frequent inspections so that any unexpected spillages can be kept on top of.


Keep it tidy

Not only can a tidy and clutter-free workplace impress clients and boost productivity amongst employees, it can also reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Emphasise the importance of keeping floors clean and encourage employees to report any issues they suspect may cause an accident, from clutter in corridors to obstructions in doorways.


Embrace the right tools

Even if you have the best intentions and ensure your workplace is cleaned on a regular basis, accidents can still occur if necessary precautions aren’t taken. For example, there’s little point mopping the floor if employees are going to slip afterwards due to insufficient drying or the lack of a wet floor sign. Thankfully, the chances of slips can be minimised with the help of professional cleaning equipment such as scrubber dryers. A scrubber dryer will clean floors at record speed before drying them in a matter of seconds, leaving your workplace glistening and safer than ever.