How Our Cleaning Equipment Training Service Works

Clean Sweep UK
August 30, 2017

Whether you’re hiring a professional scrubber dryer or a mini road sweeper, you can rely on the Clean Sweep team to provide you with an exceptional machine that cleans your premises quickly and effortlessly. Yet in order to use our tools to their full potential, it’s important that your employees know how to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

We know how difficult it can be to get to grips with a new tool, which is why we offer a training service designed to teach you everything there is to know.

We offer a personalised service tailored to you.

Our courses are run by our experienced training staff and each course is designed for all levels of experience. So whether your employees are completely new to professional cleaning equipment or they just need to refresh their skills, we can help.

We know you’re busy and the last thing you want is to spend time and money travelling to the other side of the country for a training demonstration. For this reason, we’ll carry out our industrial cleaning equipment training courses at a location that suits you. We can even train you on-site in your own premises. This can be a great way of seeing how our tools can be used within your business environment.


We’ll help you abide by safety regulations

Each and every one of our machines is designed with health and safety in mind. However, as with any piece of equipment of this kind, accidents can happen if the tools in question aren’t used in a safe manner. We’ll teach your employees how to use the tools effectively while minimising any potential risks and ensuring everyone stay safe.


You’ll get a certificate of confidence once the course is complete

Once your team has completed the course, each attendee will be presented with a certificate of confidence. This will give evidence of their ability to use the tool(s) in question safely and proficiently.



To learn more about our machines or book an appointment with our training staff, please get in touch with the Clean Sweep team.