4 Reasons To Use Kärcher Cleaning Agents

Clean Sweep UK
July 10, 2017

From our scrubber dryers to our mini road sweepers, every single professional cleaning tool we sell is designed to achieve exceptional results. Although these machines alone have the ability to clean your premises quickly and effectively, if you’d like to crank things up a notch, embracing Kärcher cleaning agents could help you take things to the next level.

Here are 4 reasons to use Kärcher cleaning agents and industrial cleaning tools side by side.

1 . Our cleaning agents contain the most efficient and economical ingredients

Kärcher cleaning agents contain only the best ingredients. Since we make each product ourselves, we know exactly what they contain and can ensure that each ingredient serves its purpose. Thanks to the high quality materials present in our agents, our clients are able to save money by using each product in very low doses.

2. Each detergent has extensive research and development behind it

Thanks to 30 years of research and development, Kärcher cleaning agents are just as reliable and effective as the machines in which they’re used. Each product has been developed with our own industrial cleaning equipment in mind. By researching and developing our tools and detergents together, we’ve been able to maximise and strengthen the service we offer our clients.

3. We maximise performance while protecting the environment

Kärcher avoids the use of unnecessary solvents, heavy metals and other substances that can be environmentally harmful. Excessive packaging is avoided due to the high concentration of each detergent and we avoid the need for unnecessary transportation by producing cleaning agents in-house.

4. Each product contains fresh fragrances

We know how important it is for our clients to tackle odours as soon as they occur, which is why our cleaning agents contain fragrances such as lemon oil. With the help of our tools and agents, not only will surfaces look clean and fresh, they’ll smell great too.