The Importance of Regular Escalator Cleaning

Clean Sweep UK
April 05, 2017

Escalators are firmly part of the modern day commercial landscape. Found in airports, hotels, shopping centres and supermarkets, they are used constantly to facilitate everyday life. Because they see so much use, escalators have a habit of getting incredibly dirty. From dirt and dust, to debris and food, depending on where a particular escalator is situated, it will see a certain degree of filth.


Why is a dirty escalator a problem?

Leaving dirt to accumulate on your escalators is first and foremost extremely unhygienic. This is an issue for any escalator in the public sector, however it can be particularly concerning for place where strict hygiene practices are vital. Places such as hospitals or establishments with food.

But not only can filth be unhygienic, it can actually be damaging to the escalator itself. This is because a lot of the dirt can be unseen; trapped down under the mechanisms beneath the top of the escalator. If it is left to build up, it can cause the escalator to work inefficiently and even breakdown. Of course, a broken down escalator can cause all kinds of problems for you and your business.

It’s also just best practice to present a clean and tidy space as a dirty escalator gives a poor first impression of your business.


The easiest way to clean your escalator

Cleaning an escalator used to be a lengthy, thankless task. It often involved taking the whole mechanism apart. However, with the introduction of professional escalator cleaners, the job has got a whole lot easier. In fact, it’s not even necessary to shut down the escalator as it can be cleaned while still moving.

Here at Clean Sweep, we have a range of professional escalator cleaners that are easy to transport, maintain and use. Whether you want a dry or wet clean, we have the machines for the job. Whichever machine you opt for, you’ll experience no downtime meaning your cleaning won’t impact the overall escalator use.


If you’re interested in industrial cleaning equipment hire, specifically, professional escalator cleaners, contact us at Clean Sweep today.