How Your Business Can Save Money On Cleaning Costs

Clean Sweep UK
March 04, 2017

Whether you run a restaurant, a supermarket or an office, keeping your premises clean should play a vital role in your business. There’s just one problem – cleaning costs can soon mount up.

When faced with the threat of high cleaning costs, you may be tempted to purchase low cost equipment and hire the cheapest cleaning team you can find. But in reality, you may find that you save more money in the long run by making a few smart cleaning investments.

Here’s our guide to saving money on cleaning costs.


Equip staff with the right tools

A mop and bucket may sound like the most inexpensive way of keeping your company’s floors clean. But considering the amount of time and manpower needed to clean in this way, you may save more money in the long run by using more professional tools such as a scrubber dryer. Not only can this be a faster approach, it’s likely to result in floors that are cleaner for longer.


Hire equipment rather than buying it outright

When running a business, it’s not always possible to purchase expensive pieces of equipment outright. If you’re on a tight budget, it may be wise to look into professional cleaning equipment hire instead. By hiring cleaning tools, you can gain access to a valuable piece of kit without handing the money over upfront or tying up your cash in one investment.


Train employees

Training employees might sound costly but in reality, you could consider this training as an investment. Whether you train kitchen staff to work in a safe and hygienic way or teach internal cleaners to use professional cleaning tools, training every employee can really help you to save money on cleaning costs.


Promote a clutter free workplace

Keeping your workspace clutter free can have numerous benefits. Not only will you make cleaners’ lives easier by freeing up space and making areas more accessible, you’ll also minimise the likelihood of pests. From cockroaches to mice, pests love clutter and when given suitable hiding spaces, they could go unnoticed for a while.


Ensure cleaners are doing the right job

Whether you have an internal cleaning team or your recruit a cleaning company to visit your premises on a regular basis, make sure your cleaners’ time is being used effectively.

For example, do you really need to pay a cleaner to collect mugs and wash your employees’ dishes? Surely their time would be better spent doing other jobs such as hoovering or cleaning the toilets?

Purchasing a dishwasher may sound expensive but if it helps to keep your premises clean and allows cleaning staff to focus on bigger jobs, you’ll save more money in the long run.
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