3 Reasons To Ensure Your Business Stays Leaf Free This Autumn

Clean Sweep UK
October 27, 2016

Autumn is finally here, making this the perfect time for businesses to review their safety protocols within their premises. From conducting a fire safety risk assessment to ensuring government hygiene rules are followed, there are so many things to take into account.

However, on a mission to improve or maintain standards inside, many businesses overlook their premises’ exterior.

One potential problem area many businesses forget is the accumulation of leaves. So why is it so important to keep your business leaf free?

Improve safety

Fallen leaves can increase the likelihood of slips, trips and falls, particularly if it’s been raining. There’s obviously no way to prevent leaves from falling onto your business premises in the first place, but you can keep on top of them by raking and disposing of them regularly.

Alternatively, you could use more professional equipment such as sweepers or blowers.

Maintain your company’s appearance

Not only can a leaf-free business have countless practical benefits, it can also help you maintain the appearance of your premises. After all, first impressions count and the last thing you want potential clients and customers to see is an unkempt and messy exterior.

Don’t forget that leaves can increase the chances of people standing in dog droppings. If a customer stands in something smelly and unsightly, this could become costly.

Pest-proof your premises

On the face of it, piles of autumn leaves might look attractive but in reality they make fantastic homes and hiding places for pests. Beetles and mites favour piles of dead leaves and, in extreme cases, they can help mice and rats go unnoticed too.

If your business is affected by fallen leaves, floor sweeper hire could be an ideal option for you. By hiring professional equipment you can reduce your workload, save time and clear your premises effectively without having to pay for the equipment in full.

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