5 Reasons To Deep Clean Your School This Summer

Clean Sweep UK
August 22, 2016

There are many different things which go towards determining the success of a school, but one of the most overlooked aspects is often the overall cleanliness of its premises and equipment. Performing a thorough deep clean of your school during the summer holidays has a range of proven benefits, and professional cleaning equipment hire can make the job go even quicker, so let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why.

1. Increased safety

A professional and well structured summer deep cleaning schedule will result in no wet floors for pupils and staff to trip on, and it also ensures that when they return from their break they will encounter an environment that is safe for them to use. As well as removing slip and trip hazards, a deep clean also means those with asthma or dust allergies won’t suffer from a dusty atmosphere when they come back.

Steam cleaner hire can also play an important part in keeping the school’s facilities hygienic, with their use in the canteen, on gym equipment and on non-wooden chairs and desks helping to prevent the breakout of a school bug early in the year.

2. Facilities Last Longer

An unclean environment attracts pests and vermin like wildfire, and the presence of even just a few bugs and beasts can wreak havoc on electrical cables, stored paperwork and material fittings. Broken-down equipment is the last thing you need to kick off the new term, yet this is easily preventable by extending your clean to your stores.

Computer equipment should be carefully cleaned to remove dust build up, and the use of a pressure washer on industrial technology machinery such as drills and band-saws should help remove the greasy dust residue accumulated throughout the year.

3. Save Time & Money

If your equipment or facilities become unusable due to grime, then lessons inevitably must be rescheduled, putting you on the back foot from the outset. Regular maintenance of equipment extends its lifespan and reduces future repair costs, but performing this action en masse during the school holidays also comes with several added benefits.

The sheer length of most schools’ summer break allows you to book your cleaners in at your convenience, allowing you to plan it around your staff’s summer availability. Also booking in one big clean will probably save you a lot of money, as opposed to several appointments scattered throughout the year’s smaller term holidays.

4. Appearance

A tidy environment is proven to boost the productivity of both students and staff, so having a clean school to welcome everyone back is crucial if you want a great start to the year. Industrial floor scrubber hire can make light work of scuffed flooring in the canteen and sports hall, and floor buffers will also help to make your school foyer and corridors shine brightly too. By keeping on top of your school’s flooring and furniture you’ll avoid carpets and desks looking tatty, which should also help the students respect their environment that little bit more.

5. Reputation

The start of a new term inevitably means plenty of new faces at your school, with your fresh intake of year 7’s accompanied by transferred students and new staff. With this in mind it is vitally important you present them with a school premises that is both professional and welcoming, as otherwise your reputation can seriously begin to suffer.

Future intake numbers could be drastically hit if your school’s cleaning standards slip, as not only will this make for a poor environment to work in, but people will also begin to wonder where else your standards are slipping.