Why Agriculture & Industrial Cleaning Equipment Go Together

Clean Sweep UK
July 27, 2016

The use of industrial cleaning equipment on a busy farm may seem like a pointless proposition to some, when compared to cleaning in the retail sector or food and drink industry. It’s partly because most agricultural machinery is used so frequently in dirty environments that pigs will take to the skies before you ever manage to get your equipment looking clean.

But aside from aesthetics, a regular cleaning of your farmyard and machinery actually benefits your business in a number of ways. Here are just a few examples of how industrial cleaning machines can play a major role in keeping your farm ticking over:

Equipment Maintenance

When grime is allowed to build-up on machinery it can seriously affect both its functionality and lifespan. Equipment which is pressure washed after each use will do its job better and stand a better chance of outlasting the terms of its warranty.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

With food, droppings and dirty bedding regularly accumulating in stable facilities you’ll be exposing your animals to potentially lethal infections without a thorough clean now and then. Once the main debris has been removed high pressure steam cleaners offer a quick and easy way to disinfect your stables.

Keep a Safe Workplace

If the approach to your farm or its walkways and loading areas are full of debris this can prove hazardous, as well as contributing to the dust which accumulates within your machinery. Nobody needs your flooring to be polished and pristine, but regular use of an industrial floor sweeper will help it to look and feel safe.

Meet Hygiene Standards

As agricultural hygiene standards are constantly made more rigorous it makes sense to go beyond what is required and future-proof your working methods ahead of potential change. Milking areas and poultry-farming facilities are often subject to high standards of cleanliness, and the use of steam cleaners can help you meet these with ease.

Avoid Crop Contamination

Sharing harvesting equipment between farms can lead to the outbreak of weeds, pests or other invasive elements onto your farm. By using pressure washers to fully clean your shared equipment you’ll stand a greater chance of preventing the infection of your own farm with organisms and seeds from another.

It’s Wallet and Environment Friendly‚Ķ

Power washing and steam cleaning use far less water than simply hosing off your equipment, and with the addition of biodegradable detergents you’ll get the job done quicker without exposing the local environment to harmful chemicals.

…Especially if You Hire!

Purchasing a range of industrial cleaning equipment means finding somewhere to store it, training everyone how to use it, and being stuck in a corner when something breaks down.

Cleaning equipment hire is therefore a far better option for agricultural firms, as not only is the initial cost significantly lower, but you’ll also gain the benefit of hire-firm expertise on how to use it effectively, as well as being provided with free replacements when something breaks down.