Steam Cleaners for Hygiene in Kitchens & Hospitals

Clean Sweep UK
October 28, 2014

With improved technology and shrinking costs, more businesses and industrial premises are using steam cleaners to power their cleaning requirements. These specialised machines employ state of the art cleaning systems to perform cleaning tasks quickly and reliably. But how do they deliver hygiene in the workplace? And how do you choose the most suitable tool for the cleaning project you need to undertake?

Steam CleanersKarcher steam cleaner


Unlike pressure washers – which use lots of water combined with strong pressure to remove stubborn dirt and stains – steam cleaners use very little water. Instead, they clean using vapour or steam. Because they don’t use much water, surface areas are not left slippery or damp after cleaning. Another advantage of steam cleaners is that they provide a very high level of hygiene. As a result, they are a favoured cleaning tool in hospitals, kitchens, restaurants and other facilities where exemplary hygiene is very important. As the high-temperature vapours used in the cleaning process disinfect surface areas rapidly, they also require less exposure to cleaning fluids and chemicals. Because of this, steam cleaners are well suited for individuals who are particularly sensitive to such products.

Here at Clean Sweep we hire out professional Kärcher steam cleaners from 2 day hire upwards, specially suited to use in medical centres, commercial kitchens and other areas requiring a high level of hygiene.

Steam cleaners provide a gentle and mild cleaning capability which is particularly suited for restaurants and healthcare environments. For this reason, they are ideal for cleaning delicate materials such as tile and grout. Steam cleaners can also get in between the grout filled spaces between tiles to deliver a level of precision cleaning that pressure washers cannot match. After spraying the tiles and grout to remove excess dirt and grime, use a steam cleaner to lift the dirt off gently, making deposits easy to remove by hand.

For cleaning carpets and upholstery, a vacuum steam cleaner is ideal. After the steam has lifted dirt from the carpet or upholstery, it is removed by a strong suction function on the machine. As well as removing dirt and stains, vacuum steam cleaners disinfect as they clean, keeping your hygiene sensitive commercial premises spotless.


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