Have You Seen Our Used Machines On Offer?

Clean Sweep UK
September 24, 2014

For UK businesses, keeping floors clean, dry and litter-free can be full-time work. Even a few employees, customers or visitors stepping inside on a rainy day can transform a once-clean floor into an unsightly and hazardous one. Imagine the problem if you’re running a busy shopping centre, leisure facility, school or hospital.

The mop and bucket method of the past is tried and no longer trusted as it just tends to spread the dirt rather than getting floors truly clean and dry. However, businesses need not despair – there are a range of mechanical scrubber dryers, sweepers and other cleaning equipment that can tackle even the toughest job quickly and efficiently. With dry and spotlessly clean floors in your lobby, reception or walkway, you’ll create the best impression for your business. Not only will your business floors look good but they’ll be 100% safe too – you can get rid of those ‘Caution Wet Floors’ signs and relax knowing that you’re not putting the health and safety of your employees and visitors at risk.

Sweepers and Scrubbers

There are two main types of mechanical cleaning machines – sweepers and scrubber dryers. Sweepers are ideal for collecting dry dust and debris while scrubber dryers are better suited for removing stains, grease and dirt that’s tougher to dislodge. As well as factoring the type of dirt or debris that most regularly needs cleaning at your business, you’ll need to consider whether your mechanical sweeper or scrubber will be used mainly outdoors, indoors or a combination of both. The answer will determine what kind of machine is most suitable for your business needs.

Size is also an important factor when choosing a cleaning machine. Smaller walk behind machines are ideal for smaller floor spaces that may require maneuvering in narrower areas. On the other hand, if your business has large, open floor spaces, a larger cleaner that can be ridden by its operator will tackle the job more efficiently.

Fully Serviced & Tested Used Machines

Buying an industrial cleaning machine may seem like a big investment compared to old fashioned cleaning tools. However, an industrial cleaner will save countless hours of manual labour so it will soon more than pay for itself, as well as deliver far better results. You don’t even have to buy a brand-new machine as Clean Sweep UK offers a wide selection of used industrial cleaning machines including Scrubber Dryers, Sweepers and other cleaning equipment.

As these machines all come from the company’s own Hire Fleet, there’s no question about their history and reliability. All the ‘used’ machines have been fully maintained throughout their working life and every machine is Serviced and Tested before being made available for sale. As well as receiving a clean bill of health from Clean Sweep UK’s service engineers, every machine comes with a six-month Parts Warranty.

If you’re considering which type of machine to buy, Clean Sweep UK offers a free site visit to discuss the range of models available and help you select the most suitable for your business. Upon delivery, a full demonstration is given so you’ll be able to operate your machine straight away and with no additional training required.

Whether you buy a brand-new machine or a used model, with Clean Sweep UK’s quality guarantee, your industrial cleaner will deliver a ‘flawless’ performance every time.