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  • A Clean Business Is A Happy Business

    karcher walk behind floor sweeper hotel lobby
    From hotels and restaurants to supermarkets and shopping centres, cleanliness plays an important role in the success of any business. Whether you’re keen to impress customers or boost productivity amongst employees, let’s find out how commercial cleaning can transform your company and create a happy business environment.
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  • 3 Reasons To Ensure Your Business Stays Leaf Free This Autumn

    karcher walk behind floor sweeper collecting leaves outdoors
    Autumn is finally here, making this the perfect time for businesses to review their safety protocols within their premises. From conducting a fire safety risk assessment to ensuring government hygiene rules are followed, there are so many things to take into account.
    However, on a mission to improve or maintain standards inside, many businesses overlook their premises’ exterior.
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  • How To Keep Your Building Site Clean And Tidy

    construction worker using Karcher HDS pressure washer
    Keeping your building site clean and tidy is imperative to prevent accidents while boosting productivity in the process. If everything is organised and exactly where it should be, you enable workers to focus on getting the job done rather than hunting for the equipment they need.
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  • Our Guide To Cleaning Food Preparation Areas

    One of the most vital considerations when running a food business is cleanliness and hygiene. If a company fails to take food hygiene into account, not only could it lose its Food Hygiene Rating and reputation, it also runs the risk of making customers seriously ill.
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  • Why Scrubber Dryers Play An Important Role In Your Business

    scrubber dryer being used to clean supermarket floor

    When it comes to finding an effective way to keep your company’s floors clean, a trusty old mop and bucket may seem like the best solution. After all, these inexpensive tools are easy to use, easy to replace and most importantly, they get the job done.
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  • How Efficient Is Your Hotel Cleaning Procedure?

    female cleaning hotel room with karcher industrial vacuum cleaner
    From hairs in the bathroom sink to coffee stains on the bed sheets, a dirty room is understandably a hotel guest’s worst nightmare. Thanks to the growth of social media and very public reviews, gone are the days where hotel owners could resolve this type of issue privately without an online audience.
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  • Should Businesses Invest In Professional Cleaning Resources?

    Karcher hire cleaning machine

    Many small to medium-sized businesses employ their own cleaning staff to tend to their business premises, yet often these cleaners are rarely provided with the right tools to do the job. Dirty old mops, hand-held vacuums and a bit of polish on a rag might be good enough for you, but what about your customers, your clients, and your employees?
    By providing your staff with professional cleaning equipment you'll bring a range of benefits to your business, and here are just a few of the most notable.
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  • How To Remove Stains From an Office Carpet

    Karcher office carpet cleaning machine

    A carpeted office feels much more comfortable and luxurious than one with solid laminate flooring, but keeping a carpet looking stain free is tough for even seasoned cleaning professionals. Food stains, ink blots and paint can all leave a lasting mark on your carpeted surface, so here are a few handy tips on how you can remove these stains from your office carpet.
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  • 5 Reasons To Deep Clean Your School This Summer

    There are many different things which go towards determining the success of a school, but one of the most overlooked aspects is often the overall cleanliness of its premises and equipment. Performing a thorough deep clean of your school during the summer holidays has a range of proven benefits, and professional cleaning equipment hire can make the job go even quicker, so let's take a look at a few of the reasons why.
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  • Why Agriculture & Industrial Cleaning Equipment Go Together

    karcher industrial pressure washer cleaning farm equipment

    The use of industrial cleaning equipment on a busy farm may seem like a pointless proposition to some, when compared to cleaning in the retail sector or food and drink industry. It's partly because most agricultural machinery is used so frequently in dirty environments that pigs will take to the skies before you ever manage to get your equipment looking clean.
    But aside from aesthetics, a regular cleaning of your farmyard and machinery actually benefits your business in a number of ways. Here are just a few examples of how industrial cleaning machines can play a major role in keeping your farm ticking over:
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