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Escalator Cleaners for hire from Clean Sweep Hire

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Benefits of Hiring

Clean Sweep UK provides escalator cleaners for rental throughout the UK. Contact Clean Sweep UK today with your cleaning requirements and one of team will help you pick the right cleaning machine. Our team can be contacted on 0844 704 4995 or via the contact form.

Escalator cleaners have specialist brush heads to get dirt and grime from escalator and travelator treads. An integrated vacuum cleaner then removes the loosened dirt.

Escalator cleaners are not the sort of cleaning machine that many companies would want to use every day so it makes great sense to hire. Not only does this save the expense of purchase, but also saves storage space because you can return the escalator cleaner to Clean Sweep UK once you are done.

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Here at Clean Sweep UK, we have years of experience of getting the right cleaning solution for you and you business. Call our team on 0844 704 4995 or for more information about how we can help you.