Clean city or trashy town, where do you live?

By Clean Sweep @ Jun 13, 2013 in Litter
Does it really matter if someone throws a sweet wrapper out of a car window, or drops a cigarette butt onto the pavement outside the pub, would you call them 'litter louts'? Well anyone who said 'No', or 'Not Really' should have a re-think because it's the millions of people that do things like this that create the tons of litter that has to be collected from our streets each year.

The saying 'Great oaks from little acorns grow' is so true when it comes to litter. All it takes is several little items to be dropped by millions each year and you have dirty towns, increased vermin and a huge bill for council tax payers. It costs over £800 million a year to clean the streets in the UK and its taxpayers that are paying for it.

Luton, once voted as being 'the dirtiest town in Britain is hardly advertising itself as a 'great place to visit' when newspapers are publishing pics like this of the town.

Something not many people are aware of is that dropping litter in a public place is a criminal offence, an offence for which you can be fined anything between £50 and £80. If that fine isn't paid and you end up in court a magistrate can increase that fine by any amount up to £2500! Maybe if more litter louts were taken to task and fined when caught dropping litter they would think twice before doing it again.

Whilst litter can always be cleared by councils through the use of commercial road sweepers it doesn't make a town or city look very appealing whilst it's waiting to be cleared up. Visitors will probably not consider returning if the town looks dirty and uninviting. Litter is also a breeding ground for vermin which with it brings disease, so there really isn't any excuse that can be given when people drop litter.
          •     Keep your litter in the car until it can be disposed of properly
          •     Use a bin when out and about
          •     Smokers should always dispose of cigarette butts in a smoking bin

Luton council could learn a few things from councils in the North East as North Tyneside Council won the coveted top prize in the Clean Britain Awards last year.
Litter costs so have some 'Street Sense' and bin your litter.

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