Be streets ahead when it comes to cleaning

By Clean Sweep @ Jan 15, 2013 in Road Sweepers
It would appear some local authorities are streets ahead when it comes to cleaning up. North Tyneside Council who came first in the 2012 Clean Britain awards really had the edge when it came to dealing with litter, fly-tipping, smoking and chewing gum related litter and graffiti, all problems that every town and city has to deal with.

Tackling litter problems in any city isn't easy as there are more people both working and socialising in a city centre which means more take away food outlets, smokers, night clubbers and pub goers which when you do the sums quite simply means more rubbish! Whilst more street bins will help, as will ensuring they are emptied more regularly, there is usually a man and a machine keeping the streets clean. The machine used needs to be able to clean a large area quickly and efficiently, and it also needs to be easy to use. The road sweepers we hire here at Clean Sweep UK tick all the boxes:
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Clear most types of waste
  • Compact but powerful
  • Productive
  • Produce excellent results

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